The Election Of The First African American President

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The end of 2008 saw the election of the first African American president in United States history. This was a momentous occasion for the country, and was seen as in incredible leap forward for racial equality and the advancement of social equality. The democratic Barack Obama promised to deliver a series of reforms and bills, focused on infrastructure, health care, clean energy and education. In his second inaugural speech four years later, he reiterated these beliefs, adding a special emphasis in social and racial equality.
Obama’s actions and opinions do not exist in a vacuum, but are influenced, approved, supported and criticized by several government institutions as well as the public. While reviewing Barack Obama’s period as president, it is important to consider the Senate and Congress’ role in dismissing or vetoing much of his proposed reforms. In spite of this, it is clear that change came. Although states change naturally over time, it would be careless to disregard the importance and influence that Obama and his presidency has had on the nation and on the larger international community.
In this essay we will strive to show how Barak Obama’s two terms in office have shaped and changed America, comparing the key moments in his presidency with previous events of a similar nature. This way, we will be able to gauge the true impact of his policies and interventions, and draw parallels between the challenges faced by him and his predecessors. In order to do this, we
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