The Election Of The United States

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None of the Above For the election of the President of the United States of America there should be an option of “No-Confidence” or “None of the Above” as a selection on the ballot because the voters should have the right to indicate that the listed candidates are unacceptable, then the National parties should find and present new candidates that are more acceptable to the American public if neither can win a majority vote. I will explain how the current system for a presidential election is flawed in that if the political parties present candidates for the election which a voter finds unacceptable, the voter is reduced to voting for the candidate that they dislike the least or voting for a third party candidate which they know can’t win. In other words, in a two party system, they are voting for the lesser of two evils, or throwing away their vote as a protest on a third party candidate. An option of “None of the Above” could paint a clear picture of growing voter dissatisfaction and encourage the parties to clean up their acts or even force them to present better candidates in new election. In the current system a voter can write in “None of the Above” but few do. They just choose to vote for one of the third party candidates as a protest or a display of dissatisfaction for the candidates presented by the two major parties. This is not only a vote that is thrown away, but is also misrepresents the true voting percentages. For example, let’s say that the election shows
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