The Election Platform Is A Document Prepared By Political Parties

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An election platform is a document prepared by political parties in the United States before a presidential election. It outlines the party’s agenda with a main aim of convincing the electorate to vote for the party’s presidential candidate. Election platforms form the basis of parties’ presidential campaigns.
In 2012, the Democratic and Republican parties had their own platforms. They formed the basis of the presidential campaigns pitting President Barrack Obama of the Republican Party and Mitt Romney of the Democratic Party. Although the platforms were of two opposing sides, a number of similarities existed in them. Both platforms agreed that there were a number of challenges facing the country. The issue of economic growth is addressed in both platforms. The first chapter of the Republican platform talks about the need for rebuilding the country’s economy and creating jobs. Titled “Restoring the American Dream: Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs”, the chapter outlines the need for improving the economy of the USA and outlines measures that the Republican Party intends to put in place to ensure that this is attained. The effects of increased taxation and poor economic policies adopted by the Democrats in the last three years are clearly outlined. Ways of attaining the Great American Dream, a belief that Republicans hold, are clearly spelt out (Republican Platform, 2012).
The Democratic platform, on the other hand, outlines the economic challenges that faced the…
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