The Election Process Of The United States

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Every four years the United States has its presidential election, a process which was originally designed by our forefathers to be a way that the people can decide who is their commander in chief and have true representation of the common people’s best interests. The way our current electoral process is set up though has become less then a shadow of what our founding fathers wanted for us. Today our presidential elections are skewed by the electoral college, a system that in itself is easily manipulated by big corporations and corrupt politicians that have their own interests in mind, not the interests of the people. Adding further to this corrupt system known as the electoral college there is a slew of evidence pointing to, yet not limited to voting fraud, voting manipulation and the media manipulating what the people see happening during the election process. Although some would argue that the United States election process is structurally stable, the election process needs to be revamped because evidence shows that the process is corrupt and not in the favor of the people. In past elections there have been events that point to the fact that the United States election process is corrupt. An example of this would be the 2000 presidential election, the state Florida having to recount their votes due to errors in the voting machines. Gore was ahead with 260 votes but after the recount, using a voting process that confused many voters, Bush won with an astonishing large amount

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