The Election of 1928 for US President

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The election of 1828 marked a major turning point in America political history. A new style of substance became the rule. New techniques of mass mobilization, such as campaign advertising, public speeches, and other kinds of political propaganda became essential to running a successful campaign. Three main factors contributed to the rise of a new kind of politics by the election of 1828, the contentious presidential election of 1824, the expansion of the voting right and the American economic Boom. The “corrupt bargain” presidential election of 1824 led the entire nation to become increasingly political which led to the rise of the two-party system. The split between Clay and Adams on the hand and Jackson on the other hand was a key step in the development of the two-party system. By 1824, the followers of Jackson called themselves the Jacksonian and they advocated a strong executive branch, and favored continuous westward expansion. Clay and Adams chose the name National Republicans which they later change to Whig, in honor of Britain’s Whigs who had protested the authoritarian actions of the king of England (thus insinuating that Jackson desired to be a dictatorial King). Clay and Adam advocated a strong legislature, and government-funded internal improvements. The expansion of these various political parties saw the public interest toward politic rose. Because of this rise Political Candidates had no choice but to mingle with the masses and earn their respect and
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