The Electoral And Electoral College

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The Electoral College was created in the beginning to make a buffer between the selection of a President and the population. It was also created so that the smaller states received extra power as to not be overpowered by the larger states. Currently, the Electoral College consists of 538 electors. The number of members in the House of Representatives and Senate decides the numbers of votes that a state receives. The District of Columbia however has three electors and has been looked at like a state for the Electoral College under the 23rd Amendment (“U.S. Electoral College”). This system was first created by the founding fathers through fear that a person could manipulate the public in order to come to power. Therefore, a candidate running for presidency could win the run even if they do not win the popular vote. However, I think that the Electoral College is out of date and should be changed. This is because we, as a whole, are not fairly represented because we are only represented as a state, and not as each individual. Throughout our course of history, there have been multiple times where a candidate had received popular vote but not the electoral votes necessary. This was shown in the 2000 election where President George Bush and Al Gore were both candidates in this election run. Although Al Gore could have been able to win the presidency because he had more popular votes, the electoral votes for President Bush were higher, enabling him to win the presidency.
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