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The Electoral College The Founding Fathers wrote the Electoral College into the United States Constitution as insurance against popular passion electing the chief executive into office. They believed there needed to be a buffer between the people and election of the president. Also a concern of the forefathers was they did not want the states with a larger population to completely overshadow the states with a smaller populace. The Electoral College system was devised to help cope with these problems. The Constitution was written and ratified in 1787 more than two hundred years ago. At the time of drafting the drafters of the Constitution never imagined there would be a two political parties that dominate our system of government or…show more content…
In every state except for two, the candidate who wins the popular vote receives all the states electoral votes no matter how close the popular vote in that state. On the Monday following the second Wednesday of December each State's electors meet in their respective state capitals and cast their electoral votes. The electoral votes for each State are then sealed and sent to the President of the Senate who reads the results in front of both houses of the Congress. The candidate with the most electoral votes provided that it is an absolute majority, is declared president. If no candidate receives a majority then the decision falls upon the House of Representatives. In that event each State gets one vote for the president and once again an absolute majority is required to elect. This system has some problems that need to be overcome ("How "). A problem that some fear and has come to the nations attention because of the presidential election of 2000; the ability for candidate to win the popular vote but still not be elected president. This can occur because of the winner take all system. No matter how slim the victory is in a state the winner receives every electoral vote for that state. There have been a few proposals to revamp this winner take all system but none have gained enough support to pass as legislation
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