The Electoral College Is A Democracy

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There is no doubt that the United States of America is a democracy, but how democratic are some of the components of our system of government? For example, the Electoral College is used when selecting the president of The United States, but the founders developed the Electoral College based on a theory of how it should work with no practical, real-world example of how it realistically works. Based on the three core principles of democracy which are popular sovereignty, political equality, and political freedom, the Electoral College falls short when assessed using these democratic values.
The Electoral College provides people with a way to select the president of the nation. The Electoral College is used in the presidential election as a counting method for votes per state. In this way everyone who is a registered voter is allowed to vote for who they believe is the best candidate. Since our democracy is a representative democracy and not a direct democracy, the people have to decide who will best represent their ideas, morals, and overall interests in the direction of the county as a whole. The Electoral College gives power to the people in selecting the ruler of the nation thus establishing them as a sovereign entity.
Popular sovereignty is the idea that the people are sovereign and it is the leader of the countries responsibility to reflect the people’s interests. Jon R. Bond and Kevin B. Smith defined popular sovereignty in their book Analyzing American Democracy by…
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