The Electoral College Is If You Don 't Understand It

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It is difficult to completely understand and in a way appreciate what the Electoral College is if you don’t understand it. Therefore, this paper will go in depth as to how the voting process works in the United States, with a main focus on the Electoral College. I will start by talking about the background, what challenges and problems it was trying to solve, how it came to be and who came up with such idea. Secondly, I would talk about the advantages the Electoral College possesses, such as it keeps small states as viable participants, it maintains division of power and how it’s beneficial to the candidates and their campaign. But as with everything, there are also some disadvantages that come with such, example, ignoring the will of the…show more content…
The function of the college electors is for the most knowledgeable and informed individuals from each State to chose the president based solely on merit without regarding the state of orginal or political party. The way electors are chosen varies from state to state. Usually political parties nominate electors at their states conventions. Sometimes that process occurs by a vote of the parties central committee. These electors are usually state-elected officials, party leaders or people with a strong affiliation with the presidential candidates. Prior to Election Day each major political party has selected their slate of electors that will vote in December if their party wins that state. When it comes to electing the president there are a total of 538 men and women electors who meet on one day in December of a presidential election year. The next president will be the man or woman who receives at least 270 electoral votes (half of 538 plus one). Prior to the 12th amendment the President and the Vice President were both chosen on the same ballet. The one with the greater votes became the President and the one with the second highest votes become the Vice President.

Some would prefer that we chose our president based of a popularity contest, a more democratic thing to do. but if that was the case, then the
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