The Electoral College System Of The United States Essay

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After a year of voting and much debate the final decision of electing the 45th president of the United States was once again down to the Electoral College. (history) The Electoral College system was established by the founding fathers around 130 years ago and basically a process used to select the President and vice President of the United States of America (Procon). So when you went to the polls on November 8th and casted your vote for the next president, something else happened behind the scenes and you may not like or if you are trump supporter you may love (Procon). For example, lets say you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter that lives in Washington, due to a certain amendment of the United States constitution, the Electoral College, you’re not actually voting for Hillary Clinton. (Procon)If you’re familiar with the process you are actually voting for a guy named Robert Satiacum and eleven of his peers. So who is Robert Satiacum? (Procon) He and 11 others were selected by the Washington state democratic party to represent them in Electoral College if their candidate, Hillary Clinton, wins the popular vote (Procon). If that happens, then Robert and the eleven electors will officially become electors of Washington, and they will earn the right to vote in the real election (Procon). On the real Election Day, the five hundred and thirty eight members of the Electoral College can technically vote for anyone they want (Procon). This process was thought of and finally agreed upon
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