The Electoral System Of New Zealand Essay

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The government in New Zealand is chosen via an electoral system, which currently is the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system. In simple terms, an electoral system is a key component in making a government. Prime Ministers are only successful under the MMP system if they have the required qualities that are needed. This essay will talk about one such Prime Minister namely Helen Clark. Further, it will provide an insight to the MMP electoral system as opposed to the First-Past-the-Post (FPP) electoral system. The essay will then differentiate between the required leadership qualities under MMP and FPP electoral systems. The essay will also shower some light on Helen Clark’s leadership under the MMP electoral system. It will then conclude by determining whether Helen Clark was successful under MMP or not and whether she possessed the required qualities of successful prime ministerial leadership under MMP system.
To start with, Mixed Member Proportional electoral system was chosen by the legal voters of New Zealand in a binding referendum that was initially started in 1992, where it obtained an astonishing 85% support. The second electoral referendum was carried out in 1993 and MMP got 54% support. Upon this referendum, New Zealand’s new electoral system was embraced. (The Road to MMP 2012, p. 3) Prior to 1993, the predominantly used electoral system was the First-Past-the-Post system. “Under the FPP system, each voter has one vote and the candidate who receives the most votes
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