The Electric Car A Viable Sustainable Replacement For An Ice Car

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Is the electric car a viable sustainable replacement for an ICE car? The electric car is not, by any means, a new concept. The electric car was first introduced in the 19th century, but as oil was more plentiful and much cheaper than electricity, the internal combustion engine came to the forefront of the transportation sector.1 Now, as oil reserves around the globe have reached the lowest since 1973 and gas prices the world over are soaring,1 the world has turned back to the electric car.1 The electric car was endorsed by the United States Government in 2009 as “a promising alternative to petroleum in the transportation sector”, and 2.1 billion dollars has been allocated to subsidies for battery and component manufacturers.3 Despite…show more content…
Together these chemicals, along with a number of others, form smog, the dirty brown cloud often seen hanging over large Canadian cities such as Toronto or Vancouver, or towns with a large amount of pollution, such as Fort McMurray.5 For the purpose of this paper, CO2 emissions will be focused on, as CO2 is the most abundant greenhouse gas after water vapour.5 The CO2 emissions of the electrical generation methods will be compared to the emissions of the internal combustion engine. Due to the emissions created by an electrical power plant, the power used to run the electric vehicle must be produced in a sustainable manner if an electric car is to be truly sustainable in comparison to the internal combustion engine car. This leads to an analysis of the different types of power generation –coal, oil, natural gas, geothermal, nuclear fission, wind, and hydro. Each are analysed to determine which gives off the least amount of CO2, therefore assigning a
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