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Executive Summary The Electric Motor Company (TEM Co) aims to design and mass produce the first, high-performance and fully autonomous Electric Vehicle (EV). TEM Co will be a pioneer in the autonomous EV sector. As the CEO I have established a bespoke business model which makes us second to none. There are two crucial components that will set us apart from the rest of the automotive industry. The first being, mass production and the second one will be in-house production of essential manufacturing elements. TEM Co has employed and developed exceptional engineering expertise to develop two separate products. One is the EV, called Sonic and the other being a solar energy power unit, called the PowerPac. The two sectors of the company will have separate management and operational teams working in separate divisions of the factory. Sonic (Electric Vehicle): Sonic will the world’s first fully autonomous EV which will be mass produced for the public. In addition to being an autonomous EV, Sonic will also be a high-performance car which will compete with some of the biggest brands in the super car industry. TEM Co aims to lead the way to sustainable transportation for future generations. PowerPac (ALTERNATE POWER DEVICE): The PowerPac is the world’s first solar energy converter and energy storage device. TEM Co. aspires to produce solar panels and a lithium-ion energy storage device which will made available to the residential and commercial sector. One of the main

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