The Electric Telegraph Invented By Samuel Morse

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One of the earliest inventions of communication was the electric telegraph invented by Samuel Morse. This device used electrical signals to transmit messages. The telegraph played a significant role in transmitting messages over long spaces. Its usage was in Law enforcement, army and newspapers. Even so, anyone could post messages using a telegram via a service. Today, there are roughly three principal methods of measuring the velocity of data contagion. Baud rate (signaling events per minute), BPS (bits per Sec) and CPS (characters per minute). The fact is, today the baud rate has been substituted with a more precise unit of measurement.
Telephones are most mutual and are ground in almost every home and organizations. Telephones worked by using a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). This is where copper wires carry an analogue voice signal. Analogue means a device or organization in which the value of a data point represented by a continuously varying physical quantity which can be quantified. An example is a watch that shows time with hands on a dial rather than numbers on an LCD screen. In an analogue telephone system, the audio signal is converted into electronic pulses. This creates vibrations in the handset’s speaker that can be picked up by the person listening.
Nevertheless, in a digital telephone. The audio signal is converted into binary format. The binary format consists of groups of 0’s and 1’s. The audio signal is ‘sampled’ thousands of times a second and
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