The Electric Vehicle: Good or Bad?

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The Electric Vehicle: Good or Bad?


Elizabeth Andrews

English 102: Writing Research Paper

Instructor: David McCarthy


1. Introduction Paragraph and thesis

2. History of Electric Vehicles

a) 1890-1929: Early ideas

b) 1930-1989: brought up due to shortages from WWII

c) 1900-present: environmental issues, shortage on gasoline

3. Impact on environment and what needs to be done

a) Power grids

b) Impacts on power grid

c) CO2 (Carbon Monoxide) production from cars

d) Power grid study

e) Power grids need to be upgraded to be more efficient

f) Development into electrical infrastructure will need to be changed
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We need to integrate smart technology to regulate the power and eliminate was. This combined will conservation efforts will free up the energy needed for electrical vehicles. (Weeks. 145-168) A person with this same idea is R. Frank, writer of, Electric Vehicles: The Smart Grid’s Moving Target. He focuses on the ability and consumer feasibility of the electric vehicle and the impact on the power grid, and suggests that many advancements need to be made to our infrastructure before a large percent of our vehicles could transition to electric power. ( Frank. 65-70). A study was conducted to see the impact electric vehicles would have on the nation’s power grid. Projections are for at lease a twenty-five percent penetration of hybrid vehicles in the market by two-thousand and twenty, with high percentage of those being plug-in variety. The study shows that if consumer’s charge their vehicles at five PM when they get home from work, the country would need an additional one-hundred and sixty power plants, compared to no additional plants needed if everyone charged after ten PM. Systems will have to be mandated to ensure charging only occurs in the overnight hours when demand is at its lowest. If this can not happen then a suggestion “Power grids need to be upgraded to be more efficient and utilize off-peak times for charging of electric vehicles” said by David Sandalow

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