The Electric Vehicles Made By Tesla Motors

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Survey of Tesla Motors Electric Vehicles NAIXUAN MA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rutgers University Piscataway, New Jersey, 08854 6 Abstract This paper mainly introduces the electric vehicles made by Tesla Motors, Inc. in many aspects, including comparisons with traditional gasoline-fueled vehicles, environmental impact, 5-years ownership cost, safety and ease of use. At last, drawing the conclusion that for a relatively long period, choosing a Tesla electric vehicle rather than gasoline-fueled cars is a wise decision for it?s greener and more economical. Firstly, few similarities and differences between Tesla electric cars and traditional ones are generally compared. Then analyzing the…show more content…
In the last few years, Tesla Motors, Inc. is growing rapidly. Tesla has more than three thousand employees in December, 2012. [3] And the number has been increased to six thousand in January, 2014. However, the relatively high price of Tesla electric cars cannot be ignored. Average customers cannot afford such a car that is priced more that $70,000. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, Inc., gave the opinion that Tesla is trying to eventually offer electric vehicles that are affordable to most consumers. [4][5] A mature model under $40,000 is expected by 2017. [6][7] Under such cases, some research on the famous Tesla Motors, Inc. and its electric vehicles will be conducted in the paper. The study mainly focuses on whether the electric vehicles made by Tesla is really more environmentally-friendly as what people heard about. And will it cost too much in daily use? Although many people assume such electric cars can pollute less, a few people have another theory that such kind of vehicles isn?t as environmentally-friendly as what people expected. In a way, it makes sense because there are still
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