The Electrifying Feeling of Love

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The electrifying feeling of love is something no one can explain. If we were to ask someone to describe what being in love feels like, they will describe something that sounds like sexual passion and desire tinged with obsession. Commonly, the feeling of lust that is often mistaken as love at first sight. The feeling of obsession when we cannot stop thinking about the person and wanting to be around them all of the time, or the sacrifice and commitment of love that most people dread, although, some overcome. Ultimately, the passion which is a major part to the way we love.
The feeling of love is something I enjoy. That feeling I get when I look deep into my loved one’s soul, the tingle down my spine when our lips meet as the sun meets
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They assume it must be love when the other person is constantly on their mind. Obsession is extremely parallel to lust but it is much more ambiguous and brutal. It sticks around when two people are starting to get to know each other, and while lust is fading away like a deferred dream. It intensifies more when time and effort is invested into an unhealthy obsession. I even suffer from this in my current relationship wondering as a mother with her only child at war, about my love and every step throughout the day she is taking. It is obvious people lose touch with who they are as an individual while their mind is only focused on what the other is doing. This lost of self creates a pattern of behavior where the obsessed person grows more dependent on the other person to support their self actions and decisions. Real love is nurturing and helping the other person grow, but obsession is demoralizing.
Passion the part of love that includes physical and sexual attraction, when dealing with passion you cannot get over the person. For most people, this is the first part of feeling attracted. It is what keeps you hooked to this person like an addict to their drug. Passion is a fire that burns deep. It is devotion to do whatever is needed to keep the other person happy at any cost. Knowing what the other person wants and needs, and fulfilling those wishes like a genie in a bottle, can be a way of showing that

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