The Electronic Commerce And The Internet

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The introduction chapter will be explaining the purpose of research. The research background, questions and limitation will be presented.
1.1 Background
Nowadays, millions of people joined Internet in daily life. According to Internet World Stats’ statistics (2012) today more than two billion people linked to the Internet. The Internet mass use promotes the electronic commerce rapid expansion in the 20th century. The electronic commerce has been changed of the traditional way people shop. According to Turban et al (2000) defined the e-commerce is an emerging concept the process of buying, selling, exchanging product, service and information through Internet. The Internet has created a new market for both customers and business firms, the
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Young people and women are the primary target of Internet retailers. In particular, university students are higher percent of online shoppers. University students spends $200 billion online market each year, and average students available discretionary spending total $287 monthly (Gardyn, 2002). University students are the main target groups of online shopping due to they are frequently use computer in order to they have rich online experience and enjoy online activities. According to Xia and Munroe (2004), students incomes are most from their parents without a lot of expendable income and thus the price is easily stimulate students. The consumers are prefers to purchase online due to discount sales. When they shop online they can find more cheaper products or service than in traditional retailer. Such as, the is the most famous discount sales website. Another popular fashionable retailers is much cheaper than high street stores. Consequently, this is another reason for growth of consumers shopping over Internet. The consumer chose purchase online due to conveniently provides consumer more information and choices to compare product and price. Joines et al (2003) claims that the certain characteristics of online shopping are ability to making purchase for consumers conveniently and efficiency compared to the traditional way of shopping, such as the ability to view and purchase
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