The Electronic Health Record Information

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The Electronic Health Record, or EHR, is used throughout the medical field. The EHR systems are a collection of patient health information that is stored in digital format, and can be shared electronically with all health care settings. The Electronic Health Record contains information regarding a patient’s health visit; everything that has been done during that visit is recorded in the EHR system along with the patient’s health insurance information. A patient 's lab test results, there is also a medication list that shows what is currently being prescribed and what medication has been taken in the past, immunizations, medical histories and demographics are also stored in the EHR system (, 2016). The Electronic Health…show more content…
Personal Health Records are in many forms; you can get them in paper form, or on the personal computer using the internet there are even PHR applications that can be bought and be applied to a phone or tablet (, 2016). The PHR system is a way that the patient can keep track, and share past or present health information with their healthcare provider. Some of the information that is contained in a Personal Health Record that is given to a patient from a health care office will contain an identification sheet; this has the patient’s personal information, like name, address, phone number, and the type of insurance that the patient has. Often a medication list is included; this contains a list of current and past medication that the patient is taking. The patient can also receive any progress notes that have been done by the health provider with any information that contains physician’s orders, like imaging or further blood tests that are required and even follow-up visits that may be needed. Some of the benefits of the Personal Health Records would be that patients can better manage their own care when they have access to the past and current health records; this, in turn, helps to coordinate and combine previous care with a new health provider so that they can coordinate care with either the patient’s previous provider or other current
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