The Electronic Health Record System

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When you think of technology and health care, what do you initially think about? Do you think about the amazing innovations of the 20th and 21st century or the amazing price tag on all of this “advancement”? These days the rising cost of health care is on everyone’s minds. So, how can the cost of technology advancement help the cost of health care? Well, one solution comes down to what every doctor, pharmacist, nurse, administrator, and CEO uses on a daily basis, and that is records. Surprisingly, the health care industry is behind the power curve and finally technology is bringing the industry into the digital age. One of the biggest problems we face is there is no commonality in the patients records and nothing to safeguard them. The health care industry needs to start using an electronic health record (EHR) system in order to combat the issue of commonality and information security. There are many reasons why the electronic health record system isn’t growing as fast as it could. Health care costs for new medicines, equipment, software, surgical procedures, and doctors are becoming mind numbing. In order for us to start a new system, like EHR it will cost more money and resources. The expenses will be to buy new equipment and software, spend the time to transcribe all the information in the database, and train everyone how to use the system (Rothman, Leonard, & Vigoda, 2012). You still have hospitals and clinics sticking to the old way of keeping track of
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