The Electronic Health Records ( Ehr )

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The times of entering and storing health care records in file cabinets is quickly changing due to the electronic age. Electronic Health Records (EHR) are becoming increasingly popular especially since there have been many legislative attempts to encourage the use of health information technology systems. With the potential benefits that come with EHR’s, potential risks are also associated with this technology. The main concern is that of maintaining data security and if current law establishes enough security guidelines. Though security is a major risk of EHR’s many ideas have been proposed in order to help alleviate the potential threats. This topic is beneficial to the profession of nursing because as nurses it is also our responsibility to ensure that these systems are secure in order to maintain the integrity of our patient’s health information.

The Electronic Health Record may be a positive step towards the future of health care and the way it is implemented daily. It has strongly become widely accepted in most institutions and slowly traditional paper charts will be no more and become obsolete. As this shift continues to happen attention to security must not be left behind. Security will play a major role in the advancement of EHR’s. As stated by McCormick and Saba (2011) following the International Council Code of Ethics for Nurses that states nurses “hold in confidence personal information” and “ensures that the use of technology
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