The Electronic Health Records ( Ehrs ) Essay

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Clinical Documentation has been used throughout the healthcare to analyze care provided to a patient, communicate important information between healthcare providers and patients, and provide medical records that will help patients track their conditions. The Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have revolutionized the process of clinical documentation through direct care to the patient. This electronic health record is a new technology that helps maintain patient’s privacy and to direct care of the patient. Both Computer systems and EHRs can facilitate and improve the clinical documentation methods, which is beneficial for all patients, the care teams, and health care organizations. In this case, clinical documentation improvement has a direct impact on patients by providing quality information. However, the new technological change can also address the health care system efficiencies that differ from paper-based charting. Obviously, the implementation of clinical documentation is essential to enhance the provision of safe, ethical, and effective care. Clinical documentation is crucial to transform the delivery of health care. Now, most hospital health care providers and data users have made a huge improvement in expanding clinical documentation use, which helps to strengthen the core relationship between every patient and their medical providers. In order to maintain patient care, this documentation must be accurate, timely, and reflect the scope of services provided. Effective

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