The Electronic Health Records Has Revolutionized Healthcare

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What are EHR 's?
The introduction of electronic health records has revolutionized healthcare as we know it today. Instead of using paper records, which can easily get lost, damaged, or even stolen. However, now that most healthcare providers have switched to the electronic health records, it is easier to manage the data, edit the data, and share the data to other healthcare providers. The problem is that as many benefits there are to the electronic records, there are just as many threats and problems that they can pose.
In addition, the electronic healthcare record is “designed to facilitate the sharing of data across the continuum of care, across healthcare delivery organizations, across time and across geographical areas. The EHR typically contains information such as existing health conditions, physician visits, hospitalizations, test results, and prescribed drugs." (BMC Medicine) This means that not only has it made it easier for healthcare providers to access and document patient 's data, it has actually become a tool which is universally used.
One problem which is a major issue still discussed today is the fact that, although the information inputted into the healthcare systems, there is a great risk of having the databases hacked, and information lost. Hackers have many motives for breaking into systems and for taking unauthorized information. Since this information is very valuable, they can be sold on the black market for a lot of money.
Other problems which were…
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