The Electronic Medical Records ( Emr )

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Introduction The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a secure source of information that give clinicians real-time access to a variety of patient health information. It is a new technology in the health and hospital information field where clinical, demographic, and management information is entered in a electronic record. EMR information can be accessed such as patient history, billing or insurance data, allergies, immunizations, medications, orders, laboratory tests, diagnostic results, and images with just pushing a few keystrokes. It is an application technology that has enormous potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of health care through decreased medical errors, increased preventative care and improved detection and treatment (Fiato, K. A., 2012). The other terms used to describe EMR include hospital information system (HIS), computerized system (CS), and computerized physician order entry system (CPOE). This computerized setting supports the patient’s EMR across inpatient and outpatient environments and is used by health care providers to manage, monitor, and document health care delivery within a care delivery organization. The health care industry has learned from other industries that computers facilitate the speed of communication, the accuracy of information, capacity for information storage, data retrieval, and date revision. Leaders in the health care industry are developing computerized clinical record systems to manage the huge volume of
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