The Electronic Systems Of A Payload

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Summary Throughout the research project a student built version of the electronic systems of a payload was constructed and component choice was evaluated. The outcome explored component choice in detail. It was then concluded that all components excluding the Arduino UNO microcontroller chosen were suitable and appropriate for the project. This showed a trend where the component choice depended directly upon the microcontroller for reasons of compatibility and functionality. The main purpose of the project was to explore the factors affecting component choice and assessing the suitability of the chosen components. The project also allowed for a range of research and construction skills to be developed, having a personal value. One of the…show more content…
The project was also of extreme value in the way of establishing a range of skills in programming and construction, learning how to go about research processes and assess progress, and working towards determining a clear position as to the outcome of the research question. Therefore, the project’s value is predominantly personal. Project Refinement Process Evaluation The project refinement process proved to be the most drawn out phase of the project. This phase and process occurred mainly at the beginning of the project in the systematic planning of the project and throughout the project when the project reached a a point that became impractical or unrealistic. This occurred particularly with questions involving a significant need for the occurrence of a balloon launch because the timeframe did not allow for the range of activities planned to take place. This was particularly due to initial unrealistic expectations of the project, which encompassed activities related to both payload construction, the eventual launch, and data analysis. Therefore, it can be deemed that the process lacked effectivity because of the necessity to modify the question many times in order to determine a research question with optimum manageability and feasibility. These modifications took place because it is of utmost importance that the chosen research question is manageable and feasible. This
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