The Electronic Toll Collection in Malaysia, Questions and Answers

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Introduction (Maximum 2 pages) Two decades ago, the answer of the following question of possibilities of cash disappeared as a payment method is clearly ‘No’. Cash represents as financial transaction of any products or services. The idea of having a cashless world has been thinking long times ago. The risks of handling cash are high compared to electronic money including toll fares. The introduction of electronic payment system has created an opportunity for the other payment system to be begun. It may be difficult for cash to be as payment method to complete with new emerging payment system (Taylor, 2006). The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) in Malaysia has been introduced in the year 1994 at PLUS Expressway. It has evolved since then many changes have been made. ETC consists of system and device that must be used together. It is types of complementary items. To use the SmartTag, users must have Touch n Go card. The ETC penetration has been grown steadily on June 2006. The average ETC penetration rate nationwide is 37% and 50% for Klang Valley toll highways. Electronic Toll Collection is a technology enabling the electronic collection of toll payments. This system is capable of determining the car is registered or not, and then informing the authorities of toll payment violations (Khadijah and Dr. Wahid, 2010). Example of violation that can be recorded is exemption violation and also long journey time. ETC is the system that offers electronics passes that can be
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