The Element Of A Narrative Of An Event

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The purpose of this study is to determine if partisan news sources differentially utilize episodic or thematic framing when ascribing blame to elected officials or candidates. The key concepts that are utilized in the study are presented as follows:
Partisan news: News programing containing a perceived bias toward a liberal or conservative ideology.
Episodic framing: The presence of a narrative of an event presented in isolation of social context, emphasizing the action or event itself.
Thematic framing: The presence of a narrative of an event in which social context is the key focus, with emphasis on contextual and related factors.
Political elites: An individual with assigned or perceived political power, usually an elected official or candidate.

The variables that are examined in this study are listed as follows:
News Source: Coded as either Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN
Partisanship of political Elite: Coded as Democrat, Republican, Independent, or not mentioned.
Frame Utilized: Coded as Solely Episodic, Dominantly Episodic, Solely Thematic, Dominantly Thematic, or No Dominant Frame.

For this study the population of conceptual interest is partisan news organizations. For the sampling frame I have selected the three stations of FOX News, MSNBC, and CNN. These three stations were selected due to their popularity relative to other sources of cable news. MSNBC represents the channel with a perceived liberal bias and FOX
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