The Element Of Great City

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The Element of Great City
The film, Before Sunset, is about a couple who spent a passionate day together and separated get back again in Paris. Paris has so much history and tradition all over the city. These remarkable landmarks and classical architecture are pervading over the city and it represents a history of France. Another unique about the Paris is that unlike any other cities, Paris makes the best use of what they have and maintain its characteristics while they modernize rebuilding the city. It looks like their attempt succeed and tourist from all over the world constantly show their love in Paris. However, it could be a different story for people who live in Paris. Of the planning and urban environment related issues in the film, the inconvenience of development and access, the complicated transportation system, and underdevelopment of residential districts. These planning issues cause a structural conflict on city planning and also a discomfort of daily life for people live in Paris.
People’s daily life sacrifices the convenience to maintain the city’s history. In “Whose Culture? Whose City?” sociologist Sharon Zukin suggested that “Gentrification, historic preservation, and other cultural strategies to enhance the visual appeal of urban spaces developed as major trends”. For example, the historical and classic buildings in Paris are one of main reasons that people love about the Paris. Most of buildings are hundreds years old at least and they have their own
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