The Elementary English Class And The Eld Class

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In general, I worked with two groups of students; the Junior English class and the ELD class. Both provided valuable insight in how High School teaching works and what I can do to succeed if I pursue a future career in High School education. When working with the Junior level English class, I worked especially on guiding their thoughts on how to best convey their messages. The students I did work with had a varied level knowledge in English writing, and as such I needed to understand how to work with students who needed aid in different departments of writing. My biggest objective was to both evaluate and understand the various levels that students were at so that I could perform “triage”. By this I am stating that I knew I had limited time to work with each student, so I wanted to assist the student in the best way I could in the most efficient and effective manner. In order to do that, I had to understand more about who the student was. In the ELD classroom, I was able to perform this undertaking more easily. The class was smaller and because I was often seeing the work they were doing I very quickly saw what the levels of aptitude were across the classroom. This could also be seen as I walked around the room to check on their progress and on the writing paragraphs they had done so far. I also use this strategy when Freya Remmer granted me the privilege of leading one of the lessons, allowing me to work with the atmosphere of the students and see from another angle what…

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