The Elementary School Is Nothing

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In elementary school, nothing was really that important. It was mostly being a kid with other kids, and not pissing off your parents for misbehaving at school because you were bored from having everything too easy. By the time you get to junior high, everyone is convinced that they know exactly who they are. This boy Harrison, whose parents were friends with my parents, always told me how he firmly believed that he and his friends would be the first ones in our grade to get laid. They also thought that they were more privileged than anyone else, since their parents were green enough to offer to buy them condoms. At least they promoted safe sex. The girls believed that they were ‘too innocent’ to do anything that could possibly evoke trouble. They were still the first to try weed, even though most of us heavily addicted to the high in the end. Once you get to high school, we’re all lost. You’re lucky if you know what you’re doing the next weekend. You’ve created a mask that you uphold in your social and home life, but it all comes off once you’re alone in your room. Like it never existed. Of course they’ll be times when you get close to showing your friends who you really are, but it wouldn’t matter if you did. At this point they’re too busy worrying if theirs’ came off too, and it’s a disaster because we’re all too concerned with ourselves to even think about each other. Though they will never admit it, everyone at every lunch table deeply hates one another. All anyone
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