The Elementary School Sex Education Debate Essay

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Grade School Sex Ed. 1

The Elementary School Sexual Education Debate
Sara Vanbuskirk
English Comp. 1
Professor Evans
November 29, 2011

Grade School Sex Ed. 2
Controversy is rampant regarding the sexual education of grade school children. Some insist that it is prudent to educate children on this subject beginning as early as kindergarten. Others strongly disagree that earlier education has any effect at all on teen sex and pregnancy and, therefore, abstinence should be the focus. Lastly, we have those who believe advocating abstinence is appropriate, but agree that a more in depth sexual education is also necessary for those who are going to have sex anyway despite our best efforts to teach them otherwise.
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By exposing students to more comprehensive information
Grade School Sex Ed. 4 from an early age, and continuing the education throughout their teen years, students are aware of their choices and more importantly, aware of how to protect themselves. There are many states that do not provide the kind of sex education that New Jersey strives to convey to its students. It more often than not ties in with the religious right proclaiming that students are too young to be exposed to sexual material, and thus sexualized as a result. These fundamental groups oppose any suggestion towards a comprehensive approach. Instead, they ask that their children be taught after grade school and additionally, they steer towards ‘abstinence-only’ education. Instead of teaching students how to protect themselves, they teach that the only way to protect oneself is by abstaining from sex. The problem arises, then, when these students decide to have sex. They are unaware of how to conduct themselves responsibly, how to take precautions to prevent against unwanted pregnancy and disease. What kind of ‘education’ are students receiving when they are withheld crucial information? In essence, we have those who believe we are doing children an injustice by withholding crucial information. Yet others believe it is their right to choose when and where we educate our
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