“The Elements, If Arranged According To Their Atomic Weights

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“The elements, if arranged according to their atomic weights exhibit an apparent periodicity of properties.”-Original quote from Dmitri Mendeleev. Dmitri Mendeleev was known for assembling the final periodic table and he predicted the arrangement of the elements. It is said in the Kahn Academy article that Dmitri Mendeleev got the idea for the Periodic Table from playing solitaire. He also envisioned the periodic table in a dream after a three day work binge. He also was known for finding thirty elements, with his own element called mendelevium. He managed to predict the location of so many of the elements by arranging the elements that they knew at the time. Much of his work actually involved his use of cards. Dmitri Mendeleev made…show more content…
They were broken and almost useless.
The use of a deck of cards was a lifeline for Mendeleev. As stated by the Khan Academy article, “To put some order into his study of chemical elements, Mendeleev made up a set of cards, one for each of the 63 elements known at the time. Mendeleev wrote the atomic weight and the properties of each element on a card.” Dmitri Mendeleev would take his deck of cards with him everywhere no matter what. He dedicated his life to organizing the table. Starting on February 17th 1868 he began to organize his cards. But later that day he would have a train he had to make. Three days he tirelessly and diligently worked on them, missing his train ride. He actually did not even sleep for those three days straight, which eventually sent him into a work and sleep deprived coma, which actually in the end is what changed his entire life.
It was in this sleep deprived dream that the periodic table came to him. As stated by Dmitri Mendeleev himself, “I saw in a dream, a table, where all the elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper.” After Mendeleev awoke from this dream he immediately began to work on what would eventually become our periodic table. Mendeleev proceeded to write and organize the elements. In his writing he actually discovered the law in chemistry known commonly as Periodic

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