The Elements Of Globalization And Their Impact On Hr Functions

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The Elements of Globalization and Their Impact on HR Functions For businesses to compete in a global society, they need to integrate their current business structure into a more diverse culture. Since corporations are putting a stronger emphasis on diversity to stay competitive; globalization has impacted how these companies are managing its workforce. Firms that have a perception on the effects that globalization has on its human resources management, will help its managers to become better equipped to help their companies in a business that changes continuously in a global environment. The attributes of the global human resource specialist (GHRS) core competencies are crucial to international corporations. These (GHRS) core competencies give them a competitive edge over others that do not; also it gives the organization an advantage over its competitors. Therefore this paper will analyze the impacts globalization has taken on the human resource function, while including several examples of how these global human resources specialists’ core competencies are able to help their organization stay competitive in a global market. Introduction Corporations, Entrepreneur’s, and Governments are constantly seeking for new procedures and modernization, therefore the monetary and influences framework of the universe will always be functioning (Mzee, 2012). Globalization has effected how the majority of businesses operations such as technological, political, cultural, and economic

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