The Elements Of Lean Production

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In this part, the authors write about the steps of developing lean production by pointing out the assembly plants, the differences between “lean” and Ford’s point of view, production procedures, the supply chain, the scheme of selling automobiles, and what “lean” needs to be perfect.

Running the Factory. This chapter is written according to an investigation at IMVP World Assembly Plant. It is true that the car assembly workshops require a significantly large space with massive storage areas and railway systems. Besides, thousands of labors will work in a big and chaotic building with many noisy machines; consequently, this is such a significant problem for all automobile companies. The writers use the case of the IMVP World Assembly Plant to emphasize the three factors that persuaded them that assembly was the most essential part in the automobile manufacturing process. The first thing is that assembly is involved in most of the work in car industry. The next reason is all of the cars and light trucks today are manufactured in the same technique so that the assembly factories in the world almost do the similar work. Lastly, Toyota, in order of spreading the lean production, had built lots of assembly factory in both North America and Europe. Furthermore, a typical example of mass production at General Motor workshop in Massachusetts is used in order to illustrate the need of lean production in the Midwest of America. Subsequently, the
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