The Elements Of Poetry For Romantics

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There were quite a few reasons behind the societal purpose of poetry for Romantics. One of the biggest reasons was that they wanted society to pick up on romanticism through the art of poetry. The purpose of art is to teach us something anyway, like public life for example. The best way to pick up on romanticism was through the art of poetry at the time. Romantics wanted nothing more than people feel some emotion and self-awareness, and by writing poetry to do just that, that’s how they attempted to get to people. Romanticism was also a response to the Enlightenment, because the Enlightenment focused on reason rather than emotion, which is essentially the opposite of what Romanticism is. And as time went on after Romanticism started up,…show more content…
And Keats only talks positively about nature, while talking negatively about his life as a human at the same time. Keats regurgitates how nature can teach people things with Ode to a Nightingale because of what Keats specifically talks about with the nightingale throughout the poem. In the poem Frost at Midnight, Coleridge states “Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee”. This quote starts off the last stanza that is all about nature, with vivid detail on colors and image trying to get the reader to picture something beautiful and take away nature’s true beauty altogether. Citing all seasons of nature are sweet and showing some appreciation for all of them attempts to get across the point all nature has beauty within it. Nature can touch people emotionally to some extent through poetry, doing exactly what the romantics intended to do. However, their main goal was for people to try to think differently reading their art of poetry, with material that counters scientific beliefs with emphasis on emotion and nature. The best way Romantics could get people to think like they did was through poetry. The feeling and emotion Romantics wanted people to experience came best through deep and touching written poetry. And a big connection between feeling and emotion is the usage of imagination, like in the poem Frost at Midnight. Frost at Midnight creates imagery using nature such as frost and fire describing the relationship between spirit and fire. Also
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