The Elements Of Social Psychology

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Elements of social psychology can be related to events in our everyday personal lives. Thinking back at my life thus far and trying to relate these elements to my experiences has made me realize how many aspects of social psychology are present in everyday occurrences. There are many events in my life that I can use to support this but one event that I feel will be best fitted to demonstrate how these social psychological principles can be seen in our day-to -day life is my experience during a “spend a day” at a high school I applied to, where prospective students get to experience a day in high school before actually attending the school. This experience was intended to provide me with the opportunity to see what life as a student was like at this particular school. By spending time with a current student, attending classes and eating lunch with other students at the school, I was going to have another vantage point when deciding what school to attend. This particular high school was a private school with a majority white student body. My day started out with my mom dropping me off at the school before she went to work. As I was walking into the school with my mom, my mom was giving me some advice on how to act, what I should and should not do and giving me some reassurance that everything was going to be fine and most importantly to be friendly and not be shy since she understood better than anyone else that I am a bit reserved. As we were walking through the hallway we…
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