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In the book Michael Vey Rise Of The Elgen, the main character Michael Vey has some sort of electrical powers that gives him the ability to be a human magnet, throw balls of lightning and he can shock people way more than you can shock someone by rubbing your feet against a carpet floor. But he's not the only one with these type of abilities. There are 23 other kids that have similar powers. Some (as in the ones I mention in the next paragraph)of the electric children hate this guy named Hatch because who works with the elgen. A electrical company that works against the government. Hatch try’s takes the kidnaps the kids at a young age and makes them forget their real names and their parents kinda like The Maze Runner but the human population not in danger. Hatch is power hungry he…show more content…
The book states on page 117 “ We need to eat more bananas. More potassium.” This should help Michael and his friends healthy and strong to stop any evil in their way. The second gift I'd give to Michael is a dairy , it seems like he would need something to write all his problems and plans to take down the the elgen also he can write a list of stuff to do after he takes out the elgen. The third gift I'd give to Michael is Hatches weaknesses so he'd knew how and where he should take down Hatch and somehow persuade the guards to understand what Hatch was doing but the issue is that the guards have lost their jobs so I don’t know how they're going to fix that. Also I would like to point out that even the other people with the elgen. The fourth gift I'd give is a safe house even if it's not a mansion or anything luxury just something to give him and his friends somewhere to hide from Hatch and the elgen. For example michael's mom would need new clothes and regular food because when the elegen captured her she was eating rats. That they are not taking anyone’s house wile there parents are
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