The Elimination Of Poverty Today 's Society

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The Elimination of Poverty in Today’s Society

Poverty surrounds us within our daily lives. As Paul Wellstone states, “More than 35 million Americans – one out of every seven of our fellow citizens – are officially poor. More than one in five children American children are poor. And the poor are getting poorer” (676). The harsh reality of these circumstances are that we do not constantly see it. While many may choose to overlook poverty, there are methods that can be instituted to help reduce and eliminate this deficiency. Poverty can be eliminated by improving education, reducing unintended pregnancies among young woman, and generating new jobs with higher pay.

One way poverty can be eliminated is to educate the population for employment opportunities and with financial knowledge. Numerous teenagers drop out of school every year without obtaining their high school diploma. This diploma is the minimum requirement for the majority of all jobs. Parents, schools and the government need to offer additional incentives to keep children in school in order to seek higher education and additional employment opportunities. Laws could be enacted forcing children to attend school until the age of eighteen or possibly joining the military if they choose to drop out. This will ensure these students a bright future without the possibility of living in poverty. Financial stability is something else each child should learn as many adults aren’t able to financially
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