The Elimination Of Voting In The United States

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In the United States of America, we the people have the authority of determining who is voted into office. Voting in the United States has not always been as easy for everyone as it is in today’s society. In the beginning, voting was generally for the white male that owned his own property or business. We have come a long way from that beginning. Today anyone aged 18 or older can register to vote with the exception of the mentally incompetent and in some states those convicted of a major felony. In general there are typically three parties to choose from and they are Republican, Democratic, and Independent. Before we make the decision to vote, we generally follow our political parties’ nominee. During the year prior to the election, each party…show more content…
These public opinion polls play a significant role. They are used throughout the election campaign to track where candidates are in comparison to the others. The outcomes of these polls can sway voters, they can help direct campaign funds to needed areas to help boost their numbers, and they can redirect each candidate's efforts of concentration. After we have carefully analyzed and examined all of our candidate’s offerings, it’s time to cast our vote. On Election Day, we head to our polling venue and vote for the candidate that we feel best embodies what we believe in. In the U.S. Election Day is the first Tuesday in November following the first Monday between the 2nd and the 8th of the month. In the beginning, this date was not an issue. The average voter owned his own land and worked that land. The farmer would leave out on Monday, vote on Tuesday, and return to his land on Wednesday. In todays fast pace society, not all registered voters have the luxury of being able to vote because of their work schedule. That is just one of the reasons that voter turnout is lower today. A big reason is that today’s society feels like their one vote won’t make a difference. A…show more content…
Some individuals that are otherwise qualified to vote can’t do to not being registered. Voters in the United States and Texas have to register themselves to vote. In other countries, this is done by the government. Texas has a lower than national average voting turnout due lack of faith in their vote counting. Texas also has a lower turnout due to the large Latino population not voting. There is also a lot of controversy when it comes to the methods of voting and the tabulation of the votes. In every election there are votes lost and a lot are miscounted. These errors can occur because of voter error and/or machine error. In some cases the voting devices can simply stop working and/or they might determine a wrong number for a candidate. It has been proven that in some cases poll workers have misplaced the machine cartridges with the tallied numbers from the machines. As stated earlier, we the people have the authority of determining who is voted into office, but with today's election system we do not always get the genuine winner in office. The Electoral College still determines the outcome, but it was not created with the popular vote in mind. A candidate can win the popular vote, but still lose the election due to the Electoral College. The government needs to create and develop a new modern day
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