The Elimination of the Middle Class

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Globalization is the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network by transportation, communication, and trade. Through a global lens the process of globalization seems to be vital to the development of the modern world. As a result of globalization there has been a dramatic transition in every aspect of life around the world, more specifically in areas such as trade, immigration, and human development. International trade bolsters sales, lowers the cost of production and consumption, and extends the market reach of any corporation. This is beneficial to America in that consumers are able to buy more goods and services at lower costs and therefore the gross domestic product…show more content…
Immigrants contribute more than $30 billion in income for American workers. In terms of innovation per capita, immigrants beat the U.S. born workers. This means a greater number of immigrants start up businesses compared to native-born Americans; their start up pace is estimated to be about 40% greater ( All undocumented immigrants pay sales and property taxes, some even pay federal and state income taxes even though they're not eligible for Social Security, Medicare, or the many other programs their tax dollars help fund. In addition, undocumented immigrants spend billions of dollars each year, which supports the economy and helps create new jobs. Although immigration is commonly portrayed to be a bad thing, there are several economic advantages in allowing immigrants to fill unwanted jobs. Finally, globalization has given way to human development through culture integration, information sharing, and competition between countries. As people disperse from their native countries they take with them their culture and ideologies. At the same time technology is rapidly advancing, allowing information to be instantaneously shared across the globe. These events culminate in the diversification of society. As opposed to living with one view of the world people can now choose from any number of beliefs or views and find others that share them. Globalization also leads to the overall improvement of the world’s quality of life. As technology
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