The Elizabethan Er The New Form Of Entertainment

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In England, all the way back to the year 1567, a man by the name of John Brayne built the first theater that would soon become one of Englands favorite forms of entertainment. Elizabethan Theaters were used to perform plays, poems, and a few other things to the people of England. In total, there were eight theaters that were scattered all throughout England. The Elizabethan era lived a good long life, and was very successful in entertaining the people during it 's time. However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually, that is what happened to the theaters. The introduction of Elizabethan Theaters changed the country of England by giving the people a new form of entertainment, and to showcase what playwrights and poets were capable of during the time the era lasted. In the early days of England, the people had many forms of entertainment. Some examples include, checkers and chess, pubs, pit fighting, and much more. In the year 1567, England was introduced to a whole new form of entertainment. During this year, a man named John Brayne started to build the first Elizabethan Theater. John Brayne built "The Red Lion", and it was located in Whitechapel, London. The Red Lion, was more of just a, not too serious, playhouse meant to entertain a few people here and there. Though it was meant to entertain only a few, the theater was a big hit with the people, and soon, other theaters started popping up, thanks to the first of it 's kind, the Red Lion theater. Ten

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