Essay The Elizabethan Monarchy

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The Elizabethan Era was from 1533 (the birth of Queen Elizabeth 1) till 1603 (her death). Queen Elizabeth was the one who was responsible for what happened to the country during this era. For Queen Elizabeth, being part of the Elizabethan Royalty was a tough and challenging task. She played an important role within the religious conflicts for power between England and it's neighboring countries, had the constant pressure to produce a successor, and had to endure sexual discrimination for being a woman on the throne of England without a male counterpart. After King Henry 8th's death, there was a dispute over who should rule over England, Queen Elizabeth or Mary Queen of Scots. Who were both his daughters by different spouses. Queen…show more content…
These people were closely associated with Mary Queen of Scots for it included Mary's mother, Mary of Guise. At the time the Guises had bigger problems to worry about than the Elizabethan throne. This is when the Scottish Factor came into action. For Elizabeth's good fortune the Scottish Presbyterian Church had despised Catholicism and therefore gave Queen Elizabeth their support of her claim to the throne. With the support that Queen Elizabeth needed she was able to start planing a military intervention to Scotland which would end up in a war with France. An intervention is the interference by a country in another's affair. Elizabeth signed a treaty with Scottish rebels in which she agreed to have an open intervention if the Scottish Protestant lords would protect Elizabeth in the event that the French invaded. In March of 1560 war began and the months that followed France had threatened to ally with Spain if England refused to surrender. It wasn't until thousands had lost their lives did the religious war end with a treaty, the Treaty of Edinburgh. The treaty was signed July 6, 1560, confirming Queen Elizabeth's right to the throne. It was through this struggle that Queen Elizabeth was even able to get to claim her birth right. Her decisions did not only affect her country but also the neighboring countries. The importance of a successor during the Elizabethan Era was tremendous. When Queen
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