The Emancipation Proclamation By Mr. Harding

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The Emancipation Proclamation has two points of views from highly qualified professors if the Emancipation was to free the slaves or not. The first Professor is Mr. Allen C. Guelzo and the other professor is Vincent Harding. Mr. Allen proposed that Abraham used the Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves. However, Mr. Harding used his research and insisted that no the Emancipation Proclamation was not to free the slaves. On the other hand, Mr. Allen makes some well-revised statements, but Mr. Harding has facts and evidence that supports the idea that the Emancipation Proclamation wasn’t to free the slaves, but for other purposes. Mr. Guelzo was convinced that Mr. Lincoln was a hundred percent committed about freeing the slaves. Basically, the Emancipation Proclamation was to release the slaves, but on the other hand, it wasn’t. Mr. Harding however, insisted that Abraham Lincoln had no intention in releasing the slaves during his presidential years. Although, he initially refused to declare war of the destruction of slaves and then afterwards, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which ironically did not free any slaves. The Civil War and Reconstruction period occurred in the 1860-1877. As the years went by, the people were convinced that the Civil war was not exclusively about slavery, but something else. A majority of people from the South stated the fact that they were fighting for their states ' rights. They believed that the government should not govern them.
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