The Emancipation Proclamation By President Abraham Lincoln

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January 1, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln changed the face of America by declaring all slaves to be freed, this was known as the Emancipation Proclamation. In our country 's history the Proclamation can be argued as one of the most groundbreaking change that shaped how our country operates today. Arthur John Johnson born to Henry and Tiny Johnson in Galveston, Texas on March 31, 1878 third of nine children; three of which died at birth. Roberts stated not much is known of Henry’s influence on Jack Johnson, but his mother, Tiny, is said to have the most influence on his early life(Roberts 4). “Tiny is credited with having taught Jack to fight back. Tiny insisted that her son was once the rankest of cowards— a boy who had to be defended in schoolyard scraps by his sister. Many a time, she remembered, Jack would return home bruised and crying. Finally, Tiny told her son that if he were beaten again a worse whipping would be waiting for him at home(Roberts 4).” I am convinced that by Jack’s mother instilling mentality in him early it stayed with him for the remainder of his fighting life. The Arthur, Randy Roberts, did a tremendous job with foreshadowing Johnson’s personality by including Steve Brodie as his childhood hero. Brodie was what people will call an adrenaline junkie or daredevil, Brodie used his leap off the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to rise to fame while open other avenues such as acting. One of Roberts’ strengths are debunking myths. For instincts: Jack Johnson
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