The Emancipation Proclamation: One of Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Achievements

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The 1860’s was a difficult time for the United States of America as it was the time period where they went into the American Civil War. At a time of slavery and many conflicting ideas, the United States was falling apart and at its most divided time ever. As the elected president in 1861, Abraham Lincoln had to fix the issues that the country was facing. Some of those issues included slavery, the separation of the north and south, and the Civil War itself. Today, Abraham Lincoln is generally known as a great president who took charge of a country in need and did many things that had a positive influence over the United States. One of Lincoln’s biggest achievements as president of the United States was the Emancipation Proclamation …show more content…
This allowed him to win the election yet ago which was giving him the opportunity to serve another term as president. Although he won the election and was able to serve some of his second term, he was denied the right to finish it as he was assassinated. Abraham Lincoln was killed on April 14, 1865 at Ford’s Theatre by an actor named John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln served as a great president who took on challenges head on. The biggest issue he faced was the Civil War. The Civil War was a conflict about slavery and expanding it. Lincoln’s goal was to gradually put an end to slavery however, the South did not agree with this and decided to (according to the government) rebel against the country. Doing this meant the beginning of a war where a country would fight itself. It was the North against the South. While the North was abiding to the government’s regulations they had to fight the South. After all the battles of fighting each other the Civil War went down into American History as one of their bloodiest wars. As a threat to the South Lincoln ordered the South to give in and join the Union again. He warned them that if this did not happen, he would free the slaves under their custody. He gave them a time limit for this but the South did not listen nor did they give in. As a result, Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation was “issued by President Lincoln on
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