The Emancipation of a Member of Congress

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Our elected officials are sent to Washington to represent the people. In the case of the house they are there to represent the people of a certain district. Senators are supposed to represent citizens of a certain state. They currently have no limits on how long they can serve. There are many faces in Congress that have been there for over 20 years. I intend to explain why having the same people hold the same office is not healthy for the average American citizen. The original intent of the Constitution was to limit government and the self-serving interests that become tyrannical by their very nature. The fact that the founders did not include limiting terms for Congress appears to be a great oversight. The reason for this is simple. When a person was chosen to serve during the time of the founders it was considered both and honor and a burden. The founders overlooked term limits because at the time it was not an issue as it was not lucrative to be a member of Congress. Through devious legislation Congress has turned these offices of service into an institution that is above the very people it was designed to serve. It has become an institution that seeks power and allows corruption. When one considers that the approval rate of Congress at any given time is below 30%, it would seem apparent that citizens are not happy with how they are represented. The question then becomes “Why are the same members of Congress elected if everyone is so unhappy with how they

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