The Emblem Of The Curse Of Domestic Violence

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Similarly,in France, Jacqueline Sauvage became the emblem of the curse of domestic violence when she was convicted of killing her abusive husband. Online campaigns were organized to support her and around 4, 00,000 signatures were collected online to support Jacqueline Sauvage (Yanan Wang,2016).French President Francois Hollande has reacted to an extensive plea that has mushroomed all over social networks to free Jacqueline Sauvage from prison and has pardoned her. SNS helps women to voice their problems that become embraced trans-locally, thus assisting in cross-border activism. #BringBackOurGirls was a powerful movement which transcended countries, religions, and ideologies, demanding safe homecoming of Nigerian school girls kidnapped by the armed group Boko Haram. The hashtag was shared by millions of people and many celebrities, including Michelle Obama jumped into the stream, demanding justice. The ease to access social networking sites have helped women located afar to come together in support of various movements; traditional techniques of involvement and organization were conceivably by no means as rapid (van Dijk 2000).The form of interaction in SNS can bring people together into cause-related strategies even from nook and cranny of the world. In this sense, SNS is a catalyst of the social process that gratifies the user and serves their interest. Social Networking Sites not only presents a platform to discuss their problems, but also to unite and voice their
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