The Embracing of Christianity in Roman Society

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Christianity being embraced to the Roman society was not a small feat. During this time Christians were heavily persecuted and often put to death. Christianity was considered prohibited cult and following this religion was a capital offence. The polytheistic Romans were extremely tolerant of other religions They allowed the worship of native gods and goddesses throughout their provinces and even adopted some of the deities. (Duiker) As long as the religious practices did not affect the order of the public and the religion guaranteed favor towards the state. However Christianity was considered a threat to the state and civil order due to its monotheism and was considered very exclusive. As long as the empires religious practices involved gods and goddess who ultimately protected and sustain the empire, officials we accepting of it. The first persecution of Christians was around year 64. Emperor Nero was the first emperor to persecute Christians. In 303 the empire had its last attack of persecution of Christians. The attack lasted until 311 when Emperor Galerius got sick and began to pray to the Christian god. (Andrea) Constantine (r. 306-337) was the very first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity. Going into battle, he prayed for divine assistance; God sent him a vision of a cross and told him to use that sign as protection in all battles. Hearing from God and receiving the vision, he converted to Christianity. He was victorious in this battle and embraced the
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