The Emerald Ash Tree

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Some trees in the yard just don't look right. They grow branches in odd places that don't seem to fit in. Their leaves are smaller than normal and never seem to be the right color. The bark on their trunks is stained in odd colors and peeling in places. They seem to be constantly dropping pieces of dead wood on the lawn. We hope for their good health, and sometimes are encouraged by periods of growth, but they never seem to make it to their happy place, leaving us at a loss for what to do. Declining trees very often fall victim to insects that feed on their woody tissue, making their condition worse. They are referred to as boring insects, and they make tunnels through the bark of trees while in their larval stage. When they reach the sapwood of the tree they feed on the nutrients that the tree is transporting to and from its branches. This drain on the energy of the tree causes a failure to thrive, and eventually death by starvation. If the tunneling is prolific, the structural integrity of…show more content…
For example, the Emerald Ash borer leaves a "D" shaped hole in the bark of an Ash tree about the size of a ball point pen tip. But there are clues to their presence if you look. While boring, the pest leaves excrement behind called frass. It looks like very fine sawdust and can sometimes be seen protruding in plug form from the entry hole or in piles around the base of the tree. Also, the tree will sometimes leak sap from the wounds. This sap turns different colors when molds and fungi feed on it, and it leaves stains on the…show more content…
Like most parasites, these insects prefer to attack weak and declining trees. But talk of prevention is really no help to someone who has a serious problem with these
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