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All About “The Emerald Forest” movie “The Emerald Forest” is a movie produced by John Boorman in 1985 and based on a true story in the Brazilian Rainforest. The film is a about Tommy, a young boy, quickly and silently taken away by a tribe in the Amazon called, The Invisible People. His dad then, spends 10 years searching for him and eventually succeeds after running into a war party with another tribe called, The Fierce People -enemies of the invisible people- who pursue him. They finally meet by chance, but the boy refuses to go back to his original family and civilization and explains that he belongs to the forest now. The father couldn't understand the choice made by Tommy and asks the chief of the tribe to order the boy to…show more content…
They care about each other and can't live separately. Why? Because they believe in working together to face the rude life of the Amazon Forest. At this point, we can say that their lifestyle is a bit similar to ours but we really ignore the huge value of the forest as they do. The technology in general, is known as an application of science or knowledge, in order to perform a specific function and achieve a goal. The invisibles use their knowledge by making for example, knives, arrows … but the Westerns use it for big investment such as building a dam. Actually, our Tommy has been kidnapped while watching his father directing the construction of a huge dam. When the invisible people see the young boy, they figure out he would be better off with them rather than with The Termite People. The name given to the white men,greedy developers, who seem to devour and destroy all the trees as the termite insect. As a conclusion of the meaning of technology, the westerns enjoy using the technology because it helps them to develop and have better life. But, the invisibles disagree with it and can do miracles to stay safe from termite people. You can see that in the end of the movie when Tommy prays for frogs believing that when frogs sing it rains. And rains will make a flood that could tear down the almost complete dam. It's one of the art of fusion with spirits revealed in the culture of the invisibles, such as merging with spirit of an eagle, to know

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